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Why So Many Pastors Are Unprepared for the Job, and What We Can Do about It
Why So Many Pastors Are Unprepared for the Job, and What We Can Do about It
Season 3, Episode 9

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Today, we’re talking about the trend of pastors who are not prepared for their job, inspired by a recent somewhat viral article by a minister on why he quit his church. Polling says almost half of pastors are thinking about following his lead. We’re breaking down how the idols and theology of colonized faith set many pastors up to fail, and what we can do about it.

Mentioned in the episode:

-        The article that inspired the conversation: https://www.restorativefaith.org/post/departure-why-i-left-the-church

-        The Start Up podcast’s series on church planting – Here’s the first episode: https://gimletmedia.com/shows/startup/llhekv

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