Trailer Transcript

Jonathan Walton: (The song “Citizens” by Jon Guerra slowly fading in underneath Jonathan talking) These Twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions. Proclaim this message: the Kingdom of Heaven has come near. Whatever town or village you enter, search there for some worthy person and stay at their house until you leave. If anyone will not welcome you, or listen to your words, then leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet. 

(“Citizens” fades in. Lyrics: “You’re building a city/ Where we arrive as immigrants/ And you call us citizens/ And you welcome us as children home.” The song then fades and continues to play underneath the remainder of the speaking in the trailer.) 

Sy Hoekstra: Welcome to Shake the Dust, a podcast of KTF Press. I’m Sy Hoekstra 

Jonathan: I’m Jonathan Walton 

Suzie Lahoud: And I’m Suzie Lahoud. Last year, the three of us edited a book, Keeping the Faith: Reflections on Politics and Christianity in the Era of Trump and Beyond. This anthology of dissent brought together a diverse group of clergy, writers, activists, and scholars from across the political spectrum to challenge the predominant narrative of Christian allegiance to Donald Trump. We wrote about the long-standing idols and ideas that so many use to prop up white American Christianity and charted how to move forward faithfully. 

Jonathan: Trump is gone, but those idols are not. So we are continuing the conversation on our blog and this show.  Here, we will feature candid interviews and informed discussion with Christians who are wise and knowledgeable. The three of us will try to model humble, vulnerable dialogue across our own dividing lines of race, gender, and disability, and to center and elevate the voices of marginalized people.  

Sy: Also, we’re making everything we do as accessible as possible for disabled people. Our anthology is on Bookshare for people like me who are blind or have other print disabilities. And we will post transcripts of this podcast on our blog at the same time we publish episodes.  

Suzie: Get the anthology at, check out the blog at, and visit us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @KTFPress. 

Jonathan: Our first episode will drop on Friday next week. See you then! 

(“Citizens” fades back in and the end of the song plays. Lyrics: “Love has a million disguises/ But winning is simply not one.”)