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Shake the Dust
Sexuality, Brainwashing, and Colonialism with Kai Ngu
Sexuality, Brainwashing, and Colonialism with Kai Ngu
Season 2, Episode 7
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Today, we’re talking with Kai Ngu, co-founder of Church Clarity and a divinity student studying colonial and missionary historical engagement with indigenous religious traditions. We discuss their personal story of how their views changed on sexuality and theology over time, finding empathy and a way forward with family who vehemently reject their new views, what they’re learning about how Christian colonialism treated indigenous notions of gender and spirituality, and a whole lot more.

Mentioned during the episode:

-  Disarming Scripture by Derek Flood

-  The work of J. R. Daniel Kirk

-  Kai’s article on accusation’s of brainwashing

-  Sarahngu.com which has a lot of Kai’s writing and other work in one place

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