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Season 2 Starts Friday!

Season 2 Starts Friday!

A square image. It is a somewhat abstract Illustration in warm, bright colors of a blue and white landscape with flecks of orange. The landscape itself is undulating in about 4 waves descending from the top right to bottom left corners of the image. The sun is partially visible on the top left and the sky is blue. White, cursive lettering spells out “Shake the Dust” across the ground.

Suzie, Jonathan, and Sy give some updates about Season 2, which starts this Friday! 

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Production, editing, and transcript by Sy Hoekstra. 

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[A guitar softly plays six notes, the first three ascending and the last three descending — F#, B, F#, E, D#, B — with a keyboard pad playing the note B in the background. Both fade out as Jonathan Walton says “This is a KTF Press podcast.”] 

[Instrumental music from “Citizens” by Jon Guerra plays briefly and then fades out] 

Suzie Lahoud: Welcome to Shake the Dust, leaving colonized faith for the Kingdom of God. I’m Suzie Lahoud. 

Jonathan Walton: I’m Jonathan Walton 

Sy Hoekstra: And I’m Sy Hoekstra.  

Suzie Lahoud: We just wanted to drop in and let you know that season 2 of Shake the Dust will be starting this Friday! 

Sy Hoekstra: This season is going to be a little bit different because my wife is about to have a baby. So we are banking some episodes and putting them out every other week. There may be fewer episodes this season, but we already have a lot of things recorded that we’re very excited about. Some familiar voices, some new guests. We’ll be diving into some new topics, and we’ll be going further on topics we’ve already touched on. And we’re going to start this Friday by talking about the theology, the politics, and the history of abortion, and hopefully provide you all with a more nuanced and helpful discussion than a lot of what you’ve been hearing around the media the past couple of weeks.  

Jonathan Walton: We also just celebrated the one-year anniversary of our newsletter and this show, and we’re so thankful for all your support over the past year. This is something that we all do on the side of our very busy lives, and so we’re really glad and really proud of what we’ve been able to do, and really hope that you will come along side us to support as we try to do even more of it.  

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Suzie Lahoud: We also want to make the subscription available to anyone who isn’t in a position to pay for it right now. So please, if you want a reduced or free subscription, just write to us at shakethedust@ktfpress.com. We won’t ask questions or make it weird. Just let us know. We want as many people to have access to this as possible. 

Sy Hoekstra: Thanks again so much for your support. We would not be here without any of you, and we’re so happy to have you here again for season two. We will see you all on Friday. 

[The song “Citizens” by Jon Guerra fades in. Lyrics: “And that you’re building a city/ Where we arrive as immigrants/ And you call us citizens/ And you welcome us as children home/ Where we arrive as immigrants/ And you call us citizens/ And you welcome us as children home.” The song fades out.] 

Sy Hoekstra: Jonathan, can I get a really deep, intense way of you saying “This is a KTF Press podcast” to add to that epic thing? 

[There is a loud woosh sound into a bass drop, like in a movie trailer] 

Jonathan Walton: [in a low voice very close to the mic] This is a KTF Press podcast. Get ready! 


Suzie Lahoud: Wait, so you want, you want it to be weird? 

Sy Hoekstra: Oh yeah I want weird. This isn’t for a real thing. 

[there is a slow crescendo of various movie-trailer-esque sound effects into a series of fast-whirling woosh sounds ending in an even louder, more epic bass drop] 

Suzie Lahoud: [in a very deep voice] This is KTF Press. 


Sy Hoekstra: Perfect, thank you very much [laughs]. 

Jonathan Walton: This has to be, it has to be a real thing, Sy. It has to be. 

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