Sep 15 • 49M

Invest in Black Life with Tamice Spencer-Helms and Diamond Walton

Season 3, Episode 8

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Tamice Spencer-Helms
Jonathan Walton
Sy Hoekstra
Leaving colonized faith for the Kingdom of God – Shake the Dust features candid interviews and informed discussions that guide us as we seek Jesus instead of empire.

Today we’re talking about how the just and practical love of God compels us to build wealth and power in Black communities. We’re seeing how two people are doing that through their work—Tamice Spencer-Helms with college students at Sub:Culture, and Diamond Walton with financial coaching at Elpida Social Capital. We discuss how to meet needs without being paternalistic, the importance and urgency of building systems where Black people can thrive, reparations, and a whole lot more. These two people are really worth listening to (and supporting if you want to click on the links above).

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