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Extra: Faith Unleavened with Tamice Spencer-Helms

Extra: Faith Unleavened with Tamice Spencer-Helms

A square image. It is a somewhat abstract Illustration in warm, bright colors of a blue and white landscape with flecks of orange. The landscape itself is undulating in about 4 waves descending from the top right to bottom left corners of the image. The sun is partially visible on the top left and the sky is blue. White, cursive lettering spells out “Shake the Dust” across the ground.

The team interviews Tamice Spencer-Helms about her new book, Faith Unleavened: The Wilderness between Trayvon Martin and George Floyd, published by us, KTF Press! We talk about the meaning behind the book’s title, Tamice’s introduction to and discipleship under White Jesus, burnout in ministry, what writing such a raw and honest memoir was like, and a lot more! Get your copy at http://www.faithunleavened.com.

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