Aug 20, 2021 • 44M

Abolition, Public Safety, and Who are the Experts? With Keli Young

Season 1, Episode 17

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Leaving colonized faith for the Kingdom of God – Shake the Dust features candid interviews and informed discussions that guide us as we seek Jesus instead of empire.
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This week is Sy and Jonathan’s interview with Keli Young, a lawyer and community organizer in New York City. We talked about what it looks like for those most affected by oppressive systems to lead movements for change, what it actually means to defund or abolish the police, redefining the idea of public safety, how our language can dehumanize people, what keeps Keli going in her difficult work, and a lot more. This really is an important one if you want to understand a frequently misunderstood perspective, instead of listening to the often inaccurate characterizations of pundits and critics.  

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