KTF Press is a small media company that seeks to center and elevate marginalized voices within the Church to lead people out of a colonized white, American Christianity and into the Kingdom of God. We want to help Christians work together in a respectful, life-affirming way across dividing lines, taking seriously the perspectives of the oppressed because no part of Christ’s body can say to the others “I don’t need you.” 

In 2020, we published an anthology called Keeping the Faith: Reflections on Politics and Christianity in the Era of Trump and Beyond. We charted how so much of the white American church became beholden to the Republican Party and Donald Trump, and how we can move forward faithfully. And now, one of the authors from that anthology, Tamice Spencer, is going to publish her debut book with us.

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Our podcast, Shake the Dust, features candid interviews and informed discussion with Christians who are wise and knowledgeable. Their words and actions give concrete steps on how to leave the Jesus of Empire and seek the Jesus of Nazareth. On this site, you will find free transcripts of the show. Subscribers will also get bonus episodes!

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